About US

RNN Concepts is a renovation contractor based in Singapore. We strive to provide a transparent, competitive and hassle free home renovation solution to home owner. 

Here at RNN Concepts we strongly believe in doing business with integrity and building customer relationship by:

  • Meeting commitment we made to clients. We ensure that our product and services will work correctly, solving your issue but at the same time value add.
  • Treating all customer equally, we believe in equal treatment for everyone. We will give our best and fair quotation without any hidden cost or charges.
  • Respect and understand everyone from different perspective, we aim to deliver only what our clients need and not upselling to earn more profits as we believe in building customer relationship and branding for the long run in this industry.

Agent Profile

“Before joining the real estate industry, Aiden Tan was working as a Marketing Manager for RNN Conference Centre and RNN Concepts.
Tasked with managing both company’s advertisement on Google, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. This knowledge coupled with years of experience in sales provided him with valuable skillsets that he uses daily in real estate negotiations, educating home-buyers and sellers, and effectively marketing listing online.
Always keeping up to date with the latest property market trends and news, Aiden updates his clients regularly with latest property information to help them decide on their next property decision.
Aiden strongly believes in value adding to  customer’s sale and purchase through putting himself in his client’s shoe by looking at their current situation, finances, timeline, family needs and wants for the benefit of his client. Having this mindset, coupled with mentored by property veterans with 30 years of experience in the industry Aiden strives to build a everlasting relationship with all his client and not mainly for his own monetary benefit.
Aiden Tan ERA